Ublo No10. 10ml.

Ublo No10. 10ml.

Ublo No10. 10ml.


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Ublo No10.

Cool Menthol.

The best juice around for anyone who prefers the taste of pure menthol this can also be used to add menthol to your juice.

This blend of liquid has been perfected with a high concentrate mix for best flavour production.

All of our 10ml e liquids are TPD compliant and manufactured here in the UK using only the finest quality ingredients. Each flavour is available in four nicotine strengths.

We blend these e liquids in a 50/50 PG/VG ratio starting at just 3mg with 6mg, 12mg and 16mg available in each flavour.

This range is supplied in branded outers containing 20 bottles and where possible we prefer customers to order in multiples of 20 to ensure that you have matching branded and numbered outers for the entirety of your order. Please note where orders are not in multiples of 20 bottles we may not ship your order in 20 bottle outers.


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